Wanting to apply to iTech? We have many careers we offer here. View them below.

Solutions Specialists
Here at iTech, our Solutions Specialists are in charged of providing solution sales and accounting management for our clients.

Network Analysts
iTech’s Network Analysts has a close relationship with our customer. Their¬† responsibility here are to provide IT support and customer assistance.

Technical Analysts
Technical support for our Xerox copiers and printers are what iTech’s Analysts focus on here.

Help Desk
iTech’s Help Desk is always here to provide assisance to our customers to place service and order supplies. With the assiance of helping with any question they need to know.

Our operations team are equiped with dealing with equipment, supply ordering, business, and customer assisance for iTech’s customers.

HR Staff are in chraged of compling with State and Federal regulations, regruiting new candidates and managing payroll, health insurance, and other benefits.

We believe that our iTech Marketing Team is incharge of using mulitple wayt to bring tranction to our business with the use of methods such as email, social media, and blog posts.

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