Managed Print Services

Maximize Your ROI on Document Management Services

How to Maximize Your ROI

How to Maximize Your ROI on Document Management Services

Saving Money - Managed Print Services Can Help

Cutting costs and keeping an eye on expenses are major concerns for any business, whether large or small. At an estimated 3 to 10 cents per printed page, a business that prints 500 pages per week can go through $2600 annually––even more if color printing is a regular part of your process. Growth––a welcome addition to any business––means even more documentation followed by increased printing demands.

Managed Print: Choosing Your Provider

So you've made the smart decision to switch to managed print services. Now what? You've probably seen that there are multiple providers, making your decision somewhat overwhelming. How do you choose? Here are some considerations as you search for a new managed print service provider.

Assessing Your Needs

In order to prepare for your decision, your first order of business should be to take stock of your requirements and limitations. This can be done by taking stock of your current status and fleet with a few questions:

Why Managed Print?

Did you know that, if you're like most businesses, 1%-3% of your annual revenue is spent on generating documents? If your print environment is unmanaged, you're likely overspending, and you likely don't even have a clear idea of where all the money is going. That's why managed print services is so important to so many businesses. Managed print helps you take control of your print spending, and it provides numerous benefits. Here is a brief overview of managed print.

Even More Reasons to Choose Managed Print

Managed print services are growing in popularity in nearly industry. Print management offers a wide range of benefits that can bring about everything from improved efficiency to cost savings. If you haven't yet adopted a print management service, here are even more reasons you should.

Managed Print Services

Reduce Your Administrative and IT Workload with Managed Print Services

Often, printing is one of the most expensive parts of running a business. However, since it is incremental and usually seems so essential to the functioning of the business, you may not be aware of how much you are actually spending on inkjet and laser printers, copiers and supplies.

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