Xerox® VersaLink® B7025/B7030/B7035 Multifunction Printers

The Father of Surf: 7 Essential Dick Dale Facts

A young Dick Dale playing one of his beloved Fender Stratocasters.

1. Dale Originally Wanted to Be a Cowboy Singer

How Xerox® ConnectKey® Technology transforms the printer into a smart workplace assistant

All the Secrets Unlocked by the Dark Tower Trailer

“Alexa, please scan this document to the cloud.”

ConnectKey Voice Technology

Alexa may not be the name of your administrative assistant. But a new app uses Amazon’s Alexa to give voice to your new workplace assistant.

Astronomer Wonders If We've Looked Hard Enough For Signs of Long Extinct Alien Life

Image: NASA, JPL-Caltech

Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus is the latest target in the perennial excitement around finding

The Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution, connected by Kno2™

Connect and share with providers down the street or across the nation—efficiently and securely

The Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution, connected by Kno2™, helps meet each of these challenges by solving the problem of secure sharing of patient information from one provider to another across the healthcare continuum

Xerox has deals to keep business moving at the speed of success

Brighter: the World Economic Outlook

Currencies from around the globe

The IMF publishes its twice-yearly health check on the world economy today, which includes its latest forecasts. The outlook has brightened considerably since an interim forecast in January. Signs of stronger activity are visible in both rich countries and emerging markets. Forecasts for worldwide GDP growth are therefore likely to be revised upwards across the board. The IMF’s boss, Christine Lagarde, recently noted that after six years of disappointing growth, the world economy has a “spring in its step”.

The Beginner's Guide to PC Backup

backup might not be sexy but, it is necessary

We all know we're supposed to back up our data. We could go so far as to say that a backup of digital data is essential to a person's well-being and peace of mind. (One copy of a file on your computer does not a backup make. Redundancy, people, redundancy.)

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