How Translation Services Can Simplify Your Processes

How Translation Services Can Simplify Your Processes

One of the biggest challenges when you have a global company, international clients or want to reach people who are more comfortable in another language is translation. It can be costly to use a human translator for simply getting the gist of something and, possibly more importantly, time consuming. Enter Xerox translation services.

Improving Time Management Around Your Office

Time management is a crucial skill in the workplace that often gets overlooked. Abide by these small business tips to get more out of the day and use those eight hours to their fullest potential.

Improving Office Efficiency

Improving Office Efficiency

Creating a more efficient office offers money savings, which is great for your bottom line. In addition, they also can help to increase your office productivity. By reducing waste and cutting out nonessentials, you are able to get things moving more smoothly. Here are some ways you can make your office more efficient.

Make Your Office Cost Efficient

Make Your Office Cost Efficient

Are you afraid that your office operation costs are higher than they should be Reassessing your office processes and implementing a few changes based on what you find out can cut your costs.

Saving Space, Saving Money

How much does each piece of office equipment add to your bottom line? If you have pieces of equipment you no longer use, you can sell, trade in, or recycle them. If a certain piece of equipment is barely used, can you rent it when you occasionally need it? That way you can cut your costs on equipment maintenance.


New ConnectKey, and a message from our own Mike Williams

Xerox has just launced ConnectKey, a new service that will become vital to business. Yesterday in our webinar, we learned the top 10 business trends according to Barb Pellow with Infotrends and this new service fits right in with the topics discussed.

iTech owner Mike Williams explains ConnectKey.

Saving Money - Managed Print Services Can Help

Cutting costs and keeping an eye on expenses are major concerns for any business, whether large or small. At an estimated 3 to 10 cents per printed page, a business that prints 500 pages per week can go through $2600 annually––even more if color printing is a regular part of your process. Growth––a welcome addition to any business––means even more documentation followed by increased printing demands.

Why Your Business Needs A Multifunction Printer


An easy way to save money is to stop purchasing a lot of equipment but still maintain the output that your current needs require. It is not hard install and the simplest place to start is with a new multifunction printer. In almost every office there are printers, computers, fax machines and copiers. Depending on the size of your office, most of these machines are idling 80 - 90% of the time, anticipating for somebody to use them.

What is a Multifunction Printer (MFP)?

How Document Management Can Help You Go Green

The ordinary business will produce about 1.5 pounds of paper waste per employee, every business day. Surprising, but even more shocking is the fact that the common attorney uses 1 ton of paper every year! 

How to Choose the Best Printer for Your Office Requirements

With the many new options in printer technology, choosing a printer for your business can be time consuming and confusing. The first step is to analyze your daily usage requirements. Do you have a high demand for quality color documents? Do you require specialized features like double-sided printing, stapling, and Wifi capabilities? How hard will you work your printer?Answering these questions will help direct you to the printer best suited to your daily requirements. Here are a few options, all with specialized usage scenarios:

Benefits of Xerox ColorQube

Oftentimes, organizations find their printing costs to be much too high given the amount of output used, but finding ways to cut printing costs proves to be difficult. Similarly, offices wanting to go green and reduce the amount of waste being produced seek new technologies to help them do so.

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