Hackers are threatening to remotely wipe Apple devices if ransom isn't met

Apple device lock options to protect devices

Hackers are demanding Apple pay a ransom in bitcoin, or they claim they will remotely erase millions of customer iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Save the date: Xerox CEO to discuss the future of work

Save the date; March 29th

By Gregory Pings, manager of Digital Marketing at Xerox

Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson will announce the largest product launch in Xerox’s 110-year history on March 29, live from the company’s executive briefing center New York City.

8 Tips: Give your Business Brand a Boost with More Color

Xerox amazing use of color helps your business spend it's ad dollars more wisely

In the “Impact of Color on Marketing,” author Satyendra Singh took on the subject of color usage in company branding. Although this research was originally published back in 2006, the topic is still relevant for today’s small business owners.

Hacker Lexicon: A Guide to Ransomware, the Scary Hack That’s on the Rise

Ransomware is malware that locks your keyboard or computer to prevent you from accessing your data until you pay a ransom—usually demanded in Bitcoin.

Mobile Scanning is Essential for Small Business

Mobile Phone for work

Empower your On-the-Go Workers with Mobile Document Scanning Technology: The mobile worker is an essential part of every small business. Outside the four walls of the office, employees must be able to access, store and send business-critical information to keep business moving.

Mobilize Your Office With Mobile Printing Solutions

Mobilize Your Office With Mobile Printing Solutions

The ability to use technology for the overall benefit of your business is a must when it comes to remaining competitive. Many printing devices now allow you to print from smartphones and tablets, so incorporate mobile printing solutions at your office to benefit greatly.

Going Green With Your Office: Recycling Toner

Going Green With Your Office: Recycling Toner

Does your small company have a green team? Initiatives to improve sustainability are common in businesses of all types. Here’s a quick rundown of the why and how of recycling your printer’s toner cartridges.

The Connection Between Productivity and Wellness

The Connection Between Productivity and Wellness

Employers have come around to the idea that their personnel need to be healthy in order to be productive. Because office productivity is one of the main focuses in business, employers have had to examine ways to encourage their staff to meet goals while still maintaining quality. Wellness may be the factor that keeps employee morale high while they work to achieve company productivity needs.

Would This Photocopier Work for Your Office?

Would This Photocopier Work for Your Office?

If you run a small business, you know how important it is to complete tasks efficiently and frugally. Desktop copiers can be extremely helpful for small offices. These all-in-one machines get your printing, copying and scanning completed quickly without sacrificing floor space. The Xerox WorkCenter 6515 is an excellent option for smaller office spaces that need maximum performance from a compact machine. Here are some specific ways small business copiers can increase office efficiency.

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