Setup a Multifunction Printer... No IT Required!


Brian Honey 

Xerox recently announced the largest number of new products in its history - all to launch within the next 30-60 days. These products - 29 in all - are comprised of new offerings and new model names - VersaLink and AltaLink. What many people don't realize is that there are a few of the VersaLink products already available. Indeed, our agency has sold quite a few over the last month!

And don't get me wrong... the existing Xerox product line, including some printers and multifunction devices that are being replaced, is quite strong. But, the new products do offer easier access to new technology, productivity, cloud scanning and security features that were launched last year, with the update to Xerox's ConnectKey system. They also offer a quick, easy "No IT Required" setup, allowing regular office staff to unbox, setup and start using some amazing technology! Check out this video for more info:

The VersaLink products available NOW include the B/W only B400 printer and B405 multifunction printer, offering native Print, Copy, Fax, Scan and Email functionality. These are complimented by the Color capable C400 and C405 devices.

All of them easy to setup, use and quickly be productive... no IT required! But, if you do need assistance in setup or programming - we have a full staff of technology advisors ready to lend a hand!

Ready to learn more about these exciting new products? Call or email me... and ask about the Instant Rebates available now on all the VersaLink products!

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