Saving Money - Managed Print Services Can Help

Cutting costs and keeping an eye on expenses are major concerns for any business, whether large or small. At an estimated 3 to 10 cents per printed page, a business that prints 500 pages per week can go through $2600 annually––even more if color printing is a regular part of your process. Growth––a welcome addition to any business––means even more documentation followed by increased printing demands. Using Managed Print Services is one of the smartest ways companies can make sure profits go back into the business and not into an unmonitored and out-of-control print budget.

Don't Overlook the Benefits

  • Free up your IT team for more important business. Managed Print Services will monitor and maintain your fleet of printing equipment so IT personnel can keep other operations running smoothly.

  • Get a handle on consumables. Overstocks of ink, toner, and paper results in wasted space and money. Running out of supplies in the middle of an important project is even worse. With Managed Print Services, your supply line will run smoothly and automatically, with no further thought from you.

  • Save on power costs. Many businesses have a fleet of energy-gobbling machines, sometimes with wasteful overlap. The iTech team will analyze your usage and help streamline your printing processes, using the equipment you already have on hand to its best advantage.

  • Enjoy the freedom of a predictable print budget. Unmonitored supply purchases and emergency shortages can cause print budgets to soar. With Managed Print Services, you pay one monthly document output bill.

  • Eliminate surprises. Keep equipment running smoothly and reduce unexpected breakdowns with scheduled monthly maintenance and preventive repair. Your equipment will last longer, and a set price each month for maintenance will virtually eliminate budget surprises.

If you're ready to reap the substantial cost-saving advantages of Managed Print Services, contact iTech today!

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