How Document Management Can Help You Go Green

The ordinary business will produce about 1.5 pounds of paper waste per employee, every business day. Surprising, but even more shocking is the fact that the common attorney uses 1 ton of paper every year! 

Document management is a excellent way for companies to start installing green initiatives while increasing efficiency. Document management software is a computer database that is used to store digital documents and scanned documents. These operations can often be very convenient for file exchange with employees and reduce the waste a business produces.

Below are the 5 ways that document management is helping your business go green:

1. No Paper
Perhaps the most obvious benefit of document management software is the lack of paper. Digitizing records and invoices offer a variety of benefits for your company. In most cases, in addition to the green advantage, it allows your documents to be searchable and easily shared.

2. Reduce Costs 
Even companies that aren’t traditionally “paper heavy” create a large volume of paper waste. Managing these paper documents is often a massive task and requires additional cost for storage and maintenance, but can be done through a simple DMS (Document Management System).

3. Space
DMS allows for substantial space savings to your business. According to Eco-efficiency, the space isn’t even needed at all, 

“Current estimates show that 50–70% of space in an office is still dedicated to filing and storage of documentation. The real clincher is studies showing that over 45% of the files in those cabinets are duplicated information, and 80% is never accessed again. Because of U.S. regulations and our litigious culture, most of the paper stored is saved in case of legal liability, compliance, and audits. Once filed away, most of this documentation is never accessed or needed again. A further waste consists of papers printed and stored that are never needed at all.” 

Filing cabinets can run anywhere from $240-$300, and as your business shifts its paperwork to online servers, you may be able to downsize.

4. Reduce Your Energy Bill
Based on the fact that 50-70% of office space is devoted to filing in a common business, your company should be able to decrease office space as well. Similarly, your continuing energy bill for a business that uses 50% less space should mirror your efforts. Alternatively, your freed -up office space could be used for other business side projects, or rented out.

5. Be the Leader for Other Companies to Follow
A big reason that many businesses are going paperless is because their customers and business partners are doing it too. Let's face it; we are receiving pdf's than faxes these days because it is easier to find, easier to navigate and quicker to send/share. Digitizing your documents means that transferring files will inspire others to follow your lead.

Going paperless can be a fun process! Improving the way you do things in your business can not only save you a bit of money, it can help harden a long-term green business strategy. Call us today to see how you can get started.

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