Going Green With Your Office: Recycling Toner

Going Green With Your Office: Recycling Toner

Does your small company have a green team? Initiatives to improve sustainability are common in businesses of all types. Here’s a quick rundown of the why and how of recycling your printer’s toner cartridges.

The Why

Toner is made of plastic polymer dust, and is classified as a type of hazardous waste by the EPA. Spent cartridges typically carry more toner than just a mere residue, and the housing itself could take several hundred years to completely break down in a landfill. Some types of cartridges can be refilled up to 15 times, making it possible to both go green and save money.

The How

There may be recyclers in your area that accept certain types of toner cartridges. Even more convenient are businesses that provide self-addressed labels for you to send your spent materials in for refilling. Some of these services are provided free of charge, so there’s really nothing to lose when you go green.

Effects Beyond the Office

People who work in environments where sustainability is encouraged may find themselves more aware of the need to conserve in their personal lives. For example, those who are used to recycling toner may also turn in their batteries, glass bottles and florescent lights to a hauler. When this happens, your company really becomes a champion of a healthier planet. 

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